The Value of Purposeful Intent


What do we talk about?

The beauty of Purposeful Intent in the simplicity of the model. We ask our attendees to submit the topics they wish to talk about and then vote on them as a group. PI provides moderators to facilitate the discussions.

How do you keep the conversation going?

We provide access to tools including Slack and Miro for Occupiers to engage. An end user only slack channel is provided for each event and general discussion. We will document each event and provide access to those ideas to everyone. 

What are some of the topics you have discussed in the past?

  • How can workplace planning and policy remain flexible and iterative without disrupting the employee experience?

  • How do we preserve culture and company identity without relying exclusively on proximity and company office space?

  • How are others testing and what methods are they using while majority of employees are still predominantly not in-office?

  • What elements of hospitality will matter most in reframing the office as a destination rather than a routine?

  • How do we create experience-specific environments (i.e. project rooms, quiet zones, social spaces) with low capital investment to preserve money for future iterations?

  • How can we measure/understand what elements are successful in an office space within a hybrid work model?

  • What does a successful RTO rollout look like and how do we measure it?

  • How do operations teams (i.e. Real Estate, Tech, HR, more) create robust infrastructure to support a collaborative “Work from Anywhere” model


Who are the attendees?

Our target’s are those that are making daily decisions about the future of work. Typical title is Head of Real Estate, head of Workplace etc.). Attendees are curated to ensure diversity of thought and portfolio

What is the value to a sponsor?

Our approach is simple - we provide the ability to learn and network with the Occupier attendees. There are no booths and no pitches. The environment is built to create a relationship. We expect the vendors to listen in on the roundtables but actively discourage over-engagement (showboaters will be removed) this is your opportunity to hear their thoughts not prove how awesome you/your product are.

Who sponsors?

We pull from a wide variety of companies but will always do our best to ensure that the sponsors are not-competitive.

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